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Reliable, durable magnetic whiteboards for any space

Ultimate Pinboards and Whiteboards Australia makes it easy to get the most out of any classroom, office or home workspace. Whether you require a wall-mounted or mobile whiteboard, our online range has you covered. Our selection of products has been chosen to meet the requirements of a diverse range of people and organisations.


  • Superior quality trim made of anodised aluminium
  • Lifetime surface warranty included
  • Our magnetic whiteboards allow you to add paper notices and more to the surface
  • The easy to clean surface ensures that markers won’t leave permanent stains
  • Included pen ledge

Order our custom magnetic boards and mobile whiteboards online and have them delivered Australia wide


Attractive, functional pinboards and noticeboards for workplaces, schools and more

At Ultimate Pinboards and Whiteboards Australia we have a wide range of noticeboards that will enhance and compliment any décor. Noticeboards are an essential product in organising your office, home or school.

This range includes:

  • Fabric boards / pinboards
  • Acoustic wall panelling
  • Acoustic fabric boards
  • Cork boards (Forbo Bulletin Board- Krommenie)
  • Glass-fronted notice boards
  • Velcro boards

While we stock a number of standard sizes, we understand that many clients require custom solutions. Enquire today about having a pinboard made in a custom size for your workplace.

Notice Boards

Ultimate Glass Boards – sleek, contemporary, elegant

A modern alternative to traditional wall mounted or mobile whiteboards, glassboards are a stylish enhancement to any workspace, be it an office, a small business or a classroom

Enjoy a large, uninterrupted writing surface thanks to the concealed brackets on the smaller models, and the small circular brackets on our larger sizes.

  • Made from tempered (toughened glass)
  • Available in in three standard sizes
  • Multiple colours available
  • Enhance any office’s décor with colourful, sleek design
Glass Boards

Ultimate Mobile Student Whiteboards

At Ultimate Australia, we have created a unique learning experience in our student boards. These products are designed by teachers for teachers. Whether you have a child who needs to practice their handwriting or maths skills, we have the board to help them.

These mobile whiteboards are double-sided, feature a magnetic surface and are made for easy erasing. Children can experience the joy of honing and developing their skills without the fear of making a mistake, helping them to develop artistic confidence.

  • Magnetic
  • Double Sided
  • Light weight and completely mobile
  • Plenty of open space for skills practice
Student Boards

Ultimate Mobile Boards

These mobile models are handy and versatile, available as pinboards or whiteboards with the added bonus that users can transport them to wherever you desire. Whether you need to share one between two offices, or a wall-mounted board is just not viable, mobile whiteboards will give you flexibility to ensure your requirements are fulfilled.

The various mobile options we have available are:

  • Double-sided Whiteboards
  • One-side pinboards
  • One-side whiteboards
  • Include a lifetime surface warranty
  • Double-sided pinboards
Mobile Boards

Acoustic Wall Panelling

Cut the noise and improve your décor all in one with our stylish, sound absorbing and decorative acoustic wall panels perfect for theatres, classrooms, offices and any commercial interiors. Covering a small area or the entire wall, the panels are the perfect choice in creating your desired workable space. that is designed to absorb noise

Acoustic wall panels specs:

  • Noise absorbing
  • Offered in a huge selection of colours and sizes
  • Self-adhesive backing
  • Easy Installation
  • Stylish and decorative

Checkout our range from the acoustic panels page for more information.

Wall Panelling

Ultimate Interactive Boards

We can offer educational institutions and offices a range of cutting-edge interactive solutions, including student response systems, multi-touch screens and computerised whiteboards online through our company.

In addition to providing assembly and installation, our knowledgeable technicians can also provide training and on-going after-sales support for our products.

HDi Multi-touch Features:

  • Commercial grade display
  • multi-touch responsive
  • Damage resistant 4mm tempered glass (toughened glass)
  • 4 year on-site warranty
Interactive Boards

A full online range of accessories for whiteboards and custom magnetic boards

Our company stocks a wide variety of accessories for all of our boards, including magnetic whiteboard erasers, magnets and magnetic strips, markets, Velcro®Dots and much, much more.

Checkout our range from the accessories page for more information.