Ultimate Accessories

We stock a large variety of whiteboard and velcro display board accessories. We have magnetic erasers, magnets, magnetic strips, whiteboard markers, Velcro® dots and loads more. All products are available here, from our online store, with shipping Australia wide.

Whiteboard magnetic eraser (ER001)

Our magnetic erasers are designed to remove whiteboard marker ink residue. Simply write and clean any ghosting away!

Additionally, the magnetic back allows the eraser to be stored on the board for convenience.

Whiteboard Markers (WM001)

Our slim line dry erase markers are designed for our whiteboard and glassboard surfaces. Write with ease and simply erase using the built in eraser. These markers are also magnetic, allowing the user to simply write and leave the pen on the surface of the board.

The available colours are yellow, green, purple, red, blue and black. They come in a packet of six.

These markers are perfect for use with our student boards, ensuring easy cleaning.

Velcro® Dots (VD001)

Velcro® Australia has recognised Ultimate Pinboards & Whiteboards as an authorised distributor of Velcro display boards and accessories.

Velcro display boards are extremely versatile. Simply stick on a dot and begin a workable noticeboard. We stock a huge range of Velcro display board accessories, and they are all available online.

Whiteboard magnets (WM001)

Our coloured magnets are a great tool in securing notes and pictures. They are circular in shape and come in red, blue, green and yellow.

Magnetic strip (MST001)

The magnetic strip is 30cm in length and is ideal for drawing straight lines on any whiteboard surface. These have been particularly popular when purchased with the student boards as they can be used by children to practice their writing on dotted thirds or for drawing shapes or number lines in any numeracy activity. Children can practice their maths or writing and have fun in the process!

Glassboard magnets (GM001)

These strong magnets are ideal for our magnetic whiteboards and/or glassboards. They a great tool in securing notes and pictures and look great against the whiteboard or our white, green, orange and black glassboards. They are circular in shape and come in four different metallic colours (see picture above).