Ultimate Whiteboards

At Ultimate Pinboards and Whiteboards we offer whiteboards to suit any office, classroom or home space. Whether your requirement is for a wall mounted or mobile board, we have the whiteboard that is right for you.

Our whiteboards are:

  • Magnetic
  • Have superior anodised aluminium trim
  • Include a lifetime surface warranty
  • Have an easy to clean surface so markers won’t stain your board
  • Include a pen ledge
  • Delivered Australia wide

We have found that depending on the degree of use of your whiteboard, there are different whiteboard surfaces that better suit your needs. We offer two types of whiteboard surface: Vitreous Porcelain and Acrylic

Vitreous Porcelain whiteboards have a baked vireous enamel finish and do not scratch or stain. They have a lifetime surface warranty and are recommended for medium to high use.

Acrylic whiteboards have a commercial finish and are excellent value for money. They have an eight year surface warranty and are recommended for low to medium use.

Whiteboard Trim Options

The most popular trim options available are:






Whiteboard Trim Options

Our wall mounted boards have a variety of anodised aluminium trim options available, with an optional powdercoat finish

These boards come with concealed fixings for easy installation and can be fitted with pen ledges. We understand that standard sizes are not ideal for every work space. We also offer custom made whiteboards so you can create a workspace that best fits your requirements.

We have standard sizes, however we understand that standard sizes may not suit your requirements, therefore custom sizes can be supplied on request by filling out our Quote Form

Standard Size Whiteboards

Whiteboards Length Height
available size 600 900
available size 900 900
available size 1200 900
available size 1500 1200
available size 1800 1200
available size 2100 1200
available size 2400 1200
available size 3000 1200
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